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Life can be stressful, but at Legal Lighthouse we believe that benefiting from quality legal solutions shouldn’t have to be. Welcome to our platform; we hope that you enjoy your experience!

Our Vision


    Simple but ambitious, our mission is to make law better for everyone.

    Many don’t know it, but there’s a crisis in the field of law affecting all stakeholders.

    Many independent lawyers are finding it nearly impossible to make a living, let alone find a reasonable work-life balance. This is particularly true among young lawyers, and is hardest felt by women. There are many reasons for this, but a central among them is widespread public dissatisfaction with traditional hourly-rate mandates on account of unpredictable costs.

    Legal Lighthouse seeks to catalyze a series of changes to the way that clients engage legal services, and efficiencies to how lawyers deal with client management. Our goal is to make the process less stressful and costly for all, contributing to a better overall experience.


    Simply put, use legal lighthouse when you want a better legal experience.

    Let’s face it; there are certain problems that require legal solutions.

    At some point in every individual’s life, and at many points in the evolution of an organization, legal opinions (and often solutions) are needed. It is in these moments – when faced with decisions that have potential legal ramifications – that Legal Lighthouse is most valuable to clients. Our platform provides a safe space to find the right person with whom to discuss your situation and determine the best path forward, and the functionality to get there quicker. The lawyers found here have all pledged to make the legal experience better for clients, as they themselves are benefitting from Legal Lighthouse in a variety of ways.


    Honestly… because making a positive change in the world matter to us.

    Everyone involved in this initiative cares deeply about its social mission, and believes in its immense potential to drive positive change. From its beginnings in October 2015 to today all members of the Legal Lighthouse family have worked fully pro bono. The ecosystem of volunteers has been staggering, and the time given is incalculable in both quantity and impact.

    Our dedication is fueled by a common goal – we want to make law better for everyone. We think that we’re on the right track, but if there’s anything more that we can do to make this a reality please feel free to let us know.

Advisory Board

Deborah Hinton
Director, Special projects
Richard Janda
Richard Janda
Professor of Business Law
Michael Blundon
Enterprise Account Executive - Quebec
Patrick Reynaud
Tax Lawyer

The Legal Lighthouse team


Danielle is a bilingual lawyer who has championed legal issues related to the environment, social justice and aboriginal rights. She has worked at the United Nation’s Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and has practiced aboriginal, corporate, commercial, and constitutional law for four years. Danielle holds a Juris Doctorate Degree, a Bachelor of Law, and an Honour’s Bachelor Degree in International Development and Environmental Studies.

President and CEO

Jameson is an experienced social enterprise coach with expertise in startup-related strategic innovation and financial management. He has worked for the Center for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL), the CBD, McGill University, and has managed the development of several startups and not-for-profits. He holds a Masters in Marketing and a B.A in Psychology, and while in graduate school he was named as Concordia’s Outstanding Student of the Year as well as one of Quebec’s top three graduate personalities.


Mike is a full-stack software engineer with extensive experience in web application and iOS development, and is dedicated to using technology in the service of the greater good. He has worked for TPS Software, the CISDL, the Canadian Centre for International Justice, and is currently employed as Technical Lead at Match Group North America. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science, with distinction, from Concordia University.

Lead Technical Advisor

François is a seasoned web developer and backend systems architect with experience ranging from small intranet applications to large-scale distributed systems collecting millions of events every day. François has worked with Montreal startups since 2007.

Content Manager

Amélie is currently completing her B.C.L/LL.B degree at McGill's Faculty of Law. Passionate about social justice, development issues and the importance of citizen engagement, she previously worked for Oxfam-Québec in Colombia, and for the non-profit sector in Toronto. She also holds a Master's in Political Science as well as a Bachelors' degree in International Development and Global Studies.

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