Frequently Asked Questions.

General information about the platform

Legal Lighthouse is an online platform where small and medium-size businesses, or individuals, can find quality lawyers offering legal services at affordable prices. This site is for you if:

  • You’re a client seeking affordable legal services, you can now quickly find the right lawyer by viewing the profiles of lawyers offering the services you need. Reach out to lawyers in a stress-free way for a free consultation, and if the fit is right you can hire them at the click of a button and pay online!

  • You’re a lawyer seeking an online space where you can showcase your expertise and services and have clients proactively reach out to you. We’ve also addressed the issues relating to payment delays by integrating an online payment system so that lawyers can be paid directly and can begin work faster.

For clients
Finding and connecting with the right lawyer

There are two different reasons why a type of law would not be shown.
  1. Certain types of law do not lend themselves very well to being managed over a digital platform, such as those requiring litigation.
  2. Legal Lighthouse only makes a type of law ‘searchable’ when three or more lawyers registered on the site have selected it as an area of law that they practice. This is to ensure that clients are given sufficient choice when selecting a lawyer. If a client does not find the type of law that they are looking for, they are encouraged to let us know. When multiple clients report the same need, a request will be put out to our base of lawyers to see if three or more can meet that need. If so, the option will be added to the site.
What defines “the right lawyer” will change from client to client, but the search allows clients to narrow down their options by language, experience, and type of law. From there, you can browse the profiles of different lawyers and get a feel for them, the services that they offer, and the price points for each. When you narrow your choices down to a, or several, lawyers that you want to speak to you can connect for a free evaluation of your legal needs.
Once you’ve found the profile of a lawyer that you like, the following sequence of events can happen:
  1. You select the service that you would like to speak to the lawyer about
  2. You fill in a brief description of your legal need and submit the request for a free evaluation
  3. The lawyer receives a notification of the request and reviews what you submitted as well as some of the basic information that you provided during the sign up process. This is legally required as the lawyer must be able to indicate whether there is a conflict of interest that would prevent them from accepting the mandate.
  4. They either accept, or reject, the request. A notification will be emailed to you in either case
  5. If they accept, they will propose three dates/times when the phone evaluation could occur. You select one, or indicate that none are convenient. In either case the lawyer will then be provided with you phone number and will contact you (either at the agreed time, or to find a more convenient time)
  6. If you wish to hire the lawyer, they will send you a quote through the platform and you can accept, reject, or request modification.
  7. Once you click “accept” you will be required to pay the Legal Lighthouse technology fee of $9.99 if the contract value is less than $500 and $19.99 if it is more. The lawyer is then notified that you have accepted their mandate and they can begin work.
    • Launch promotion!: For a limited time Legal Lighthouse is waiving the client technology fee described above.
  8. Communication regarding your legal needs will be handled between you and your lawyer (not through Legal Lighthouse).
  9. When your lawyer wishes to receive payment (according to the terms of the contract) they will initiate a payment request via Legal Lighthouse and you will be notified by email. You can then log in and make the payment. All records of payments are accessible in the Billing tab.
In order to know whether a lawyer can help you, they must first ask you for some details about what your needs are. This is usually achieved by phone, and typically takes less than 20 minutes. Lawyers on the Legal Lighthouse platform agree to not charge for this time.


Account-specific information can be changed, once logged in, by clicking the account icon in the top-right corner of the browser and then clicking Account Settings
Your account may be deleted, once logged in, clicking the account icon in the top-right corner of the browser, clicking Account Settings, and clicking “Close Account”. Please be warned that this cannot be undone and all information is deleted.

For lawyers

There are a few key steps for lawyers to follow when using the platform:
  1. The first step is you sign up to create a profile. When we receive your application it will be reviewed and you may receive a follow up phone call or email if we need more information.
  2. When approved, you will be provided with a secure link allowing you to create your profile. Once you have filled in the required fields you will be able to list your profile publically (at which point it becomes searchable by clients navigating the site).
    • You will also be able to customize a permanent professional link to your profile, which you can send to prospective clients and which will always send them directly them to your profile where they can hire your services.
  3. Clients will then be able to contact you to request a consultation, and if that goes well you can send them a proposed mandate through the platform
  4. If accepted, you can use the integrated online payment processing system (Stripe) to collect payments.
From the point of view of a lawyer there are many benefits, such as:
  • The ability to work remotely without the need for an expensive office (and related overhead);
  • The freedom to accept as many or as few mandates as you wish;
  • A custom, unique URL to your professional profile where clients can engage your services;
  • Automated client-cards;
  • Electronic acceptance of mandates, allowing you to start work faster;
  • The ability to receive online payments from clients, increasing predictability of and control over cash flow;
  • The ability to offer clients reduced rates due to the savings on overhead and having fewer clients who don’t pay
    • Tip: Fixed-fee mandates are shown to increase client satisfaction. Consider structuring your fees accordingly, where possible.
    • Tip: Consider offering Unbundling packages
The platform will automatically notify you by email when the following actions occur:
  • A client has requested a consultation, and subsequently if they cancel the request
  • The client has responded to your proposed consultation time
  • The client has responded to your proposed mandate (accepted, requested modification, or rejected)
  • The client has paid an invoice

Other questions?

Please feel free to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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