Showcase your services.
Attract new clients.
Do law more efficiently, transparently, and get paid faster.

Benefits of our platform


Get paid faster,

increase client satisfaction

  • Secure online payments, sent directly to your operations and/or trust account, ensure swift and reliable payment.
  • Fixed fee mandates increase:
    • Client confidence that they are being charged fairly
    • Predictability of cashflow
    • Overall client satisfaction, which impacts retention rates and referrals

Faster and less expensive

than the traditional approach

Our digital approach and algorithms:

  • Reduce the number of client interactions
  • Reduce your overhead
  • Decrease the overall time to completion

all of which allow you to offer more attractive prices.


Work as much as you want,

from wherever you want

  • Accept as many or as few clients as you wish, at the pricepoints you set
  • Enjoy the freedom to work remotely
  • Manage and receive payments from clients

Sample profile

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Legal Lighthouse Inc.

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