Life can be stressful, but at Legal Lighthouse we believe that benefiting from quality legal solutions shouldn’t have to be. Welcome to our platform; we hope that you enjoy your experience!

What is legal lighthouse’s mission?

Hiring a lawyer can be stressful, especially when you don’t know how much it’s actually going to cost.

Imagine going to a restaurant that you know has a reputation for being expensive and when you arrive, there are no clear prices next to the menu items. Would it be safe to say that being unable to predict the cost of your night might affect the enjoyment of your meal? Even if the food and service were excellent, the financial surprise at the end of the night could make your chances of returning slim. We wouldn’t like this to happen at a restaurant, and studies in law have shown that clients don't like this either. Legal Lighthouse’s mission is to connect people with lawyers who are transparent about the services that they offer and how much each service costs. No more surprises.

When to use our services?

Let’s face it, there are certain problems that require legal solutions.

We have all heard stories of people needing a lawyer in reaction to being wrongfully terminated from their job or losing custody over their children. There are also times when lawyers are needed to prevent future problems, such as by startups who need a solid legal structure, by businesses who need an employment contract reviewed, by common law couples who need a spousal agreement, etc. Although people facing these situations could clearly benefit from legal solutions, they often don’t hire lawyers because they are afraid of being overcharged. Legal Lighthouse aims to address this fear by creating a platform to give everyone access to the right lawyer at a fair price.

Who are the lawyers?

You might wonder why lawyers would want to use this platform - what’s in it for them?

While it’s a common myth that all lawyers are rich, in reality, practicing law is very costly. By working with clients through Legal Lighthouse, lawyers decrease many of the traditional costs of practicing law (like renting expensive downtown offices). By reducing their costs, they can offer more affordable prices to customers like you!

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